by Harald Bertram

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Jack Hertz A wonderfully haunting tapestry of dark sounds and evocative atmospheres.
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[Thank you so much Harald for everything you've done! :) ]

-Below you will find links to more of Harald's music.-

Foreword by Michael Brückner:

A short while ago a good friend of mine (and good friend of many musicians) - Rick Chase,
who runs the AmbiOfusion group on FB - lost his wife to cancer; in addition to this terrible loss, he also has to carry a burden of absurdly high bills for her medical treatment.

With the intention of bringing him and his two daughters a little bit of both moral, but also financial support.

While the album as such is free, You will find possibilities to donate directly to Rick Chase and his family on the Bandcamp page, and we - the musicians - friendly ask You, gentle listener, to do so if You like the album and download it (...and even if not, You might still consider to give Rick some help in his difficult situation).

Thank You very much!

Donations can be made to.......

(Rick Chase) via PayPal


(Rick Chase) via PayPal

Last words from my wife Kelly on an internet page that she started....

I have been battling Leiomyosarcoma.

This is a type of a rare and aggressive cancer,
which is located in the smooth muscles.

Smooth muscles are involuntary muscles,
the brain has no conscious control over them.

Since smooth muscle is found all over the body,
a leiomyosarcoma can form almost anywhere where there are blood vessels; heart, liver, pancreas, genitourinary and gastrointestinal tract, retroperitoneum, uterus, and skin.

The uterus is the most common location for a leiomyosarcoma. Sarcomas are malignant tumors that arise from the connective tissue, which connects, supports, and surrounds various structures and organs in the body.

I went through months of chemotherapy and had some removed, but still most of them grew back.

There are no other options available for me, hospice will be here tomorrow to help me ease into transition.

This has been devastating for my family and myself.

The hospital bills are outrageous,
but right now I'm just worrying about my husband,
Rick and my two beautiful daughters who are only 19 and 17.

I fought this battle as hard as I could but it just didn't happen like I wanted it to.

- More from LD FUM and Harald Bertram -








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released July 5, 2015



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